A Problem Underlying the Surface

This girl was born. Born a strong soul with words of peace and compassion. Later, she was shown a new kind of people. People that only got pleasure from causing pain.  Words were said and things were done.  As time went by that girls heart was shattered in pieces. Her radiant smile and happy, inocent outlook on life had morphed into a pit of dispair.  She couldn't trust, she couldn't love, she couldn't look at herself the same.  She felt shameful of her beauty and grace because someone had led her to believe that she wasn't good enough. She felt the world didn't want someone like her. It didn't want someone so undesirable and timid.  This girl was flowing with pure love and kindness to everyone yet, she was struck down by many.  Her heart has been stripped of forgiveness and is now barren with anguish. She had no other choice but to adapt to this behavior as well.  Another beautiful person conformed by the ugly reality she was exposed to.

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