Expiration Dates

A spark of excitement ignited the fire,
She was my one and only desire.

Her hair flowed gracefully, her smile shined bright,
I went to bed thinking about her every night.

She filled my heart with an explosive feeling,
Her laugh, her walk, her voice was all so appealing.

But then one day, the sun went away,
A cloud of confusion suddenly came.

She didn't seem all too exciting,
Her normal smile was no longer that inviting.

Her hugs went neutral, the flames have died,
Her charm vanished, as did mine.

She wasn't the girl I thought she were,
She had changed, it was all a blur.

Over time, we had drifted,
The magic spell had been lifted.

What once was new and exciting progressed into something old and boring,
What once was lively and fun had now been overdone.

My question is strange, and still remains,
How overtime people can change?

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