Fading Colors

My flame is burning dim. Next to a thousand burning stars reflecting off your ocean blue eyes. I am drowned out by the beauty of a beach at night. I am washed away like footprints swallowed by the tide. I am each grain of sand.  I am falling through the hour glass and when the grains run out, the memory of me will expire. I am as good as every untold legend.  I am a story of smeared ink, soaked by the harsh rains of a storm, the impact of a single raindrop in a puddle. I am mud rinsed off and dirt cleaned from your fingernails.  I am the cloudy, gray sky compared to a vibrant sunset. I am the stale food rotting in your fridge,the gum scraped from your shoe, the hole in your shirt, mended by a patch.  I am the prick of a needle. I am the hangnail on your rough fingers . I am the dandelion weeds in the field of flowers.  I am a tree with naked branches. I am the potholes in the road that you avoid every morning as you drive by with music blasting. I am the static during your favorite song and when that static picks up, you shall pick a whole new station. 

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