A Questionable Society

This world can be such a cynical place,

Full of good people who make mistakes.

The evil corrupts God's great creations,
What must be done to purify this nation?

People are starving and families are mourning,
The sun is shining but the rain is pouring.

They’re people in this world that I don't understand,
How can one live with being such a man?

My heart is darkened with such a sadness,
What is it that leads us to this madness?

How can we bare any further pain?
We weaken in love and insanity gains.

The sense of childhood and innocence has lost its meaning,
We are forced to grow up early and contain these feelings.

Yes, the world can be a happy place,
But as of right now, society's a disgrace.

We must make a change and take action,
Our voices alone call for a chain reaction.

The world is counting on us to make the difference,
We must make it a brighter place for everyone's existence.

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