Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hi bloggers! 

    Its been a while!  Over the course of this year I am proud of my poetry collection. I really like this project because it forced me to write poetry like I always wanted to. My goal for this project was  to create a collection of poems that readers might be able to relate to and to submit a couple for publishing. I have done that and I have not heard back yet from the publishers. As I stated before, their response will take one to three months. My poems really helped me relieve stress and get through some rough days. I still would like to continue writing after this year but it has been hard to sit down and stop everything to just write.
  However, I would've liked to have more poems for readers to read and to post more consistently. It was really hard finding time to write about how I felt throughout the year and then to create it into a poem. If I were to do this project again, I would try to make more time and start earlier in the year so that I could create more poems than what I have now. I'm really happy with how they turned out and I have friends who check my blog and ask me to write more poems and it makes me happy that they are interested in reading them and that they can relate to what I'm saying.  Over this year,  I've learned a lot about myself through my writings. I've discovered new ways to express feelings and thoughts and ideas to make them understandable to other people rather then just trying to make sense of it to myself. I hope this encourages other people to make something they always wanted to do become a priority.
     I'm very anxious to hear back from the Rattle Submission company soon and hope to hear some good news.  I don't expect anything to much but a published poem would feel like quite an achievement. I also think I pushed 20Time on the low end of my priorities at times when it got too busy with school and life.  Honestly I am a little disappointed with myself.  20Time was a great opportunity to be given time in class and do something extraordinary with it.  If I were to do it over again I would probably choose a different thing to do because I wanted to do bigger things and expand my options but instead I think I thought about how busy I was going to be and got caught up in worrying.  I was worried that I wasn't going to have enough time to do my project and fail or not finish in time,  I should have remembered to take the chance considering Mr. Provenzano gave me "the permission to fail" card.
      If i weren't to have done poetry I probably would have liked to pic a charity every month and raise money for it during the school day or organize a charity event that benefits the society. Although this would have been an over whelming workload in addition to my busy schedule ,  still like the idea of taking on more and working for a purpose and to make change.  Over all, I have learned that going after opportunities and really taking detail and putting in hard work about something you are passionate about can be fun at the same time.  I hope this inspires other people to get the determination, motivation and go after something they want to to truly be happy.
                                                             Thanks For Reading,
                                                              your blogger Reanna

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