Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hi readers! 
     In the last blog post I said how I was going to meet a teacher from Maire Elementary School to discuss my creative writing project that I wanted to introduce to second graders. The meeting from last Wednesday went well and the teacher from the second grade class agreed to set up the project. I am planning to come in on March 30th and 31st to do the creative writing project. However, I  had to make permission slips for the kids in order to show their stories and pictures of them in my end of the year speech and project.   I have just sent the permission slip's to the teacher and this weekend I am working on fixing up my presentation to show the kids next week.  I really hope the kids learn something and remember my presentation throughout their years of creative writing.  My project is simple and impactful.  I set up a set of questions that each kid can go through every time they start to write a story that will help them create a plot and make story writing easier.  I also had an idea of showing them a picture in creating their own story based off of the one picture. This will exercise their mind on creativity as well as help them in the future for timed short story writing assessments. I'll keep in touch, wish me luck !

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