Thursday, February 19, 2015


     Over break I wrote a new poem called "Contemplating".  I'm happy with it but, it is subject to change.  I also posted it on my Instagram to promote my blog and get some people to look at it.  Another thing I did was try to submit my poems to this website.  The only trouble I had so far was that I need to create a cover page first.  The website only lets me submit four poems at once and I don't know which ones I'd like to submit as the four.  Hopefully I'll get feedback from other viewers to pick the best ones.  After I submit my four I can't submit another four until after they respond which they said could take up to 4 months.  On the other hand, I also am getting ideas together to speak with the elementary schools to have some kind of creative workshop with the kids to work on creative writing.  My future goals are to complete my cover page to finish my submissions and email the teachers from the elementary schools to try and help me come in and do an activity with the kids for creative writing.  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last Friday during 20Time, I found this website that I can submit all my peoms to year round. I plan to submit them by Friday.  I added another poem to my blog as well and have another one to add by Friday.  So far, I have been notified that I've received 560 page views.  Although this is a lot, I would like to expand that number to my school teachers,friends, and family members.  I plan on posting more things about my blog on my Instagram and social media in hopes that people will come to my blog amd view everything. Its a work in progress, that's for sure! :)