Saturday, January 10, 2015

An Update

    It's been a month since I have posted anything and I have made a lot of progress! I have written about 6 poems since I have blogged.  Now that I have a good collection of poems going I'm going to look into getting them published.  I have recently called up an editor from the Grosse Pointe News to try and get my poem published. I have heard nothing back yet.  However, I will be broadening my hopes to get my poems out there and viewed by more people through out other sources.
      I have added my newest poems to my pages.  I am currently thinking about having people comment ideas on social media for interesting topics.  In fact, over winter break I had family and friends come over and we started discussing things in the recent news about choices and society.  Things in the news lately have upset me and that's how I thought of writing a "Questionable Society".  My other poem titled "Choice's" was an idea I got from one of my relatives who thought that would be a good topic.  Therefore, I wrote it and added it to my pages as well.  Keep reading and check out my poems. Hope you enjoy them!

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